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Beyond Digital Ethics

Extremist Suggestions Earlier this week, Zeynep Tufekci appeared on Ezra Klein’s podcast. If you don’t know Tufekci, you should: she’s one of my favorite academic thinkers on the intersection of technology and society. During the interview, Tufecki discussed her investigation

On Facebook’s Unique Weakness

An Anti-Social Response Last week, Facebook reported weaker than expected second quarter earnings and warned investors to expect diminished growth. As a result, its stock promptly fell 19%, wiping out over $ 120 billion in market capitalization. No publicly traded

The Peacock in Menlo Park: On Open Offices and Signaling Theory

An Open Discussion A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a new study that took a careful look at interactions in an open office. It found, contrary to popular belief, that moving to an open format made people less likely

Open Offices Make You Less Open

On Spatial Boundaries and Face-to-Face Interaction Why do companies deploy open office layouts? A major justification is the idea that removing spatial boundaries between colleagues will generate increased collaboration and smarter collective intelligence. As I learned in a fascinating new

On Passion and Its Discontents

An Earlier Book New readers of this blog might not know that back in 2012 I published a book about career satisfaction. It was titled So Good They Can’t Ignore You. The book draws from interviews and relevant scientific research to

Digital Wellness for Grown Ups

Beyond Digital Wellness Earlier this week, the Washington Post published an article on the digital wellness movement, which attempts to use technology to help cure some of the issues caused by technology. This movement, for example, is responsible for an

Jerry Seinfeld’s Closed Door

The Price of Funny A reader recently pointed me toward a 2014 interview with Jerry Seinfeld on Alec Baldwin’s Here’s The Thing. Around 34 minutes into the conversation, Seinfeld provides a fascinating insight into the success of his eponymous television

Yoshua Bengio’s Deep Thoughts on Deep Thinking

Thinking about Thinking One of the things that surprised me when researching Deep Work was how rare it was to find examples of smart people talking coherently about the process of effective thinking. This is why I was pleased when a

Ready Player Productive: On Virtual Reality and Cognitively Demanding Work

Location-Boosted Cognition A few days ago, I wrote about the converted barn where Simon Winchester writes. By working in a quiet and scenic location, surrounded by books and nature, Winchester is leveraging a key principle of attention capital theory that

Simon Winchester’s Writing Barn

Photo by Holly Pelczynski/Berkshire Eagle Staff The Part-Time Farmer I’ve been reading Simon Winchester ever since I came across a paperback copy of The Professor and the Madman in my first year of college. Winchester writes on an eclectic mix