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What Will Become Of Olivia Jade’s Sephora Palette?

With each passing hour, more batty details emerge regarding the celebrity college cheating scandal. Parents allegedly Photoshopped their kids’ faces into sports stock photos and bribed recruiters! Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin from Full House have been arrested! This

This Is Why Parents Are Helicoptering

American parents might want to be more free-range. They might want to emphasize happiness and individuality over helicoptering and hard work. They may prefer to opt out of the rat race of childhood: the endless parade of activities, the drive

AMA PM or here, I can’t talk to you all. x_x

Basically I want to cover my experiences as of the last few weeks. I wanted to tell people if they have questions to just write me and I may be able to help. It's difficult trying to sift through every

5 Things The Sopranos Did Better Than The Wire (And 5 The Wire Did Better)

Ask anyone what the best TV series of all time is and they’ll probably say either The Sopranos or The Wire. Or maybe Breaking Bad – or possibly, at a stretch, Mad Men. But the most likely answer is either

Teenage Basketball Player Develops Reaction Training App

Before graduating last June from Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Va., Chris Ozgo was a four-year starter at point guard who set school records for assists in a game (16), season (169), and career (403). With visions of playing in

These Campus Leafleters Have Us Inspired!

By Lisa Rimmert, Vice President of Strategic Communications As the fall semester ends and we gear up for spring outreach, these dedicated campus leafleters have inspired us with their incredible work for animals this semester. They’ve spread a message of

Tyler School of Art Announces 2019 MFA Thesis Exhibitions

Mutual Service Exercise, Anne Lukins and Netta Sadovsky, MFA ’19, digital still from video. The Tyler School of Art is pleased to announce its annual MFA Thesis Exhibitions, the culmination of two years of intensive artistic and critical development for

Hiring and Recruiting Great Employees: The Ultimate Guide

I was part of a college Co-op program that required students to take a semester off from classes and work a full-time position at a company in which we were hired. When I started applying to Co-op jobs, I noticed

How basketball players get their fits to fit

For the tallest and longest athletes in the world, finding normal clothes can be a real pain. It takes a relentless amount of confidence to walk into a basketball game donning a black Supreme faux fur coat, color-coordinated with skin-tight

Tinder launches a Spring Break mode

Tinder, the dating app company which, as of late, has been more fully embracing its status as the preferred hook-up app of choice for the younger generation, is today launching a new feature designed for its college-aged Tinder U users:

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