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Sean Parker on Facebook’s Brain Hacking

A Conscientious Objection  Sean Parker, the founding president of Facebook, was interviewed onstage yesterday at an event held by Axios at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia. The topic was cancer innovation, but the conversation turned at some point to Parker’s

Arnold Bennett’s Fight Against Steampunk Social Media

How to Live In 1910, Arnold Bennett published a short volume titled How to Live on 24 Hours a Day. He was alarmed with the way the newly emergent British middle class seemed to waste their time outside of work.

Segment’s Systematic Quest for Depth

Segment’s Focus Problem Segment is a typical Silicon Valley success story. It’s a data analytics software company started by three MIT dropouts in 2011. Last year it raised $ 64 million in its Series C funding round. Things at Segment,

Andrew Wiles on the State of Being Stuck

A Persistent Answer Ben Orlin is a math teacher who publishes the clever essay blog, Math with Bad Drawings. Last year, Orlin had the opportunity, during a press conference at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum, to ask a question of Andrew

Jony Ive’s iConcern

Ive’s iConcern At last week’s New Yorker TechFest conference, superstar Apple designer Jony Ive took the stage. At some point during the presentation, Ive was offered a softball question about the ways the iPhone has changed the world. Ive’s response

Are You Using Social Media or Being Used By It?

A Social Experiment If you, like many people, use social media and generally agree that it’s an important technology, try the following experiment. Take out a piece of paper and list your most important uses for these services — the

Spend More Time Alone

A Lonely Binge I recently read three books on the topic of solitude. Two were actually titled Solitude, while the third, and most recently published, was titled Lead Yourself First — which is pitched as a leadership guide, but is actually a

Approach Technology Like the Amish

Kevin Kelly and the Amish Eight years after dropping out of college to wander Asia, Kevin Kelly returned home to America, bought an inexpensive bike, and made a meandering 5,000 mile journey across the country. As he recalls in his

Franklin Foer on Technology’s Surprising Threat to Humanity

Contemplating the Importance of Contemplation Franklin Foer has a new book coming out this week. It’s titled, World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech. I haven’t read it yet, but this morning, on returning from a family camping

Apple’s New Open Office Sparks Revolt

Not Open to Openness Apple’s new Cupertino headquarters cost $ 5 billion (see above). One of its prominent features is a massive open office space in which many Apple engineers sit on benches at long shared work tables. As Apple