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Franklin Foer on Technology’s Surprising Threat to Humanity

Contemplating the Importance of Contemplation Franklin Foer has a new book coming out this week. It’s titled, World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech. I haven’t read it yet, but this morning, on returning from a family camping

Apple’s New Open Office Sparks Revolt

Not Open to Openness Apple’s new Cupertino headquarters cost $ 5 billion (see above). One of its prominent features is a massive open office space in which many Apple engineers sit on benches at long shared work tables. As Apple

Toward a Deeper Vocabulary

When Writing is More than Writing As a professor who also happens to opine publicly about productivity, I’m often invited to stop by dissertation bootcamps — a semi-annual ritual at many universities where doctoral students gather to hear advice and work

Are We Going to Allow Smartphones to Destroy a Generation?

The iGen Problem Many people recently sent me the same article from the current issue of The Atlantic. It’s titled, “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?”, and it’s written by Jean Twenge, a psychology professor at San Diego State University. The

How I Read When Researching a Book

The Reading Writer As a writer I’m required to read lots of books, especially when ramping up a new project, as I am now. The picture above, for example, shows the books I’ve purchased only in the past two days. I’ve

Aziz Ansari Quit the Internet

The Disconnected Life Aziz Ansari recently deleted the web browser from his phone and laptop. He also stopped using email, Twitter and Instagram. As he explained in an interview with GQ, when he gets into a cab, he now leaves his phone

Top Performer is Now Open

Top Performer is an eight-week online career mastery course that I developed with my friend and longtime collaborator Scott Young. It helps you develop a deep understanding of how your career works, and then apply the principles of deliberate practice to efficiently

On Claude Shannon’s Deliberate Depth

An Insightful Life  Claude Shannon is one of my intellectual heroes. His MIT master’s thesis, submitted in 1936, laid the foundation for digital circuit design. (My MIT master’s thesis, submitted 70 years later, has so far proven somewhat less influential.)

When Slower Communication Enables Faster Growth

The Rule of Five This morning I listened to Srini Rao interview Sarah Peck. Though most of the interview focuses on Peck’s personal life, toward the end they discuss her work as a business consultant. During this segment, Peck mentioned

John Carmack’s Deep Nights

Late Night Depth I recently reread Masters of Doom — David Kushner’s entertaining (though cheesily dialogued) history of id Software. Something new caught my attention this time through the book. Kushner revealed that id’s ace coder, John Carmack, adopted an