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On Social Media and Its Discontents

Split Reactions As someone who has publicly criticized the major social media platforms for years, I’ve become familiar with the common arguments surrounding this topic. One of the more interesting trends I’ve observed about this conversation is the split reaction

Stephen Hawking’s Radical Thinking

The Death of a Genius Earlier this week, Stephen Hawking died. It was a sad day for lovers of science. Hawking’s breakthrough work from 1974 provided the world a new understanding of black holes. It also unified, for the first

Tim Wu on the Tyranny of Convenience

An Important Essay Earlier this month, Tim Wu wrote an important 2500-word essay for the New York Times’s Sunday Review. It was titled: “The Tyranny of Convenience.” Wu’s piece is both deep and scattered — an indication that the target

Sebastian Junger Never Owned a Smartphone (and Why This Matters)

Junger’s Radical Simplicity Last November, journalist Sebastian Junger appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast. The conversation lasted over two hours, but it was the first two minutes that caught my attention: Joe: You have a real flip phone? Sebastian: I do

Facebook’s Desperate Smoke Screen

Soros vs. Facebook One of the big headlines from last month’s World Economic Forum at Davos was a scathing speech delivered by George Soros. The billionaire philanthropist and liberal activist decried what he saw as multiple threats to open society

On Simple Productivity Systems and Complex Plans

BuJoPro No More Last month, I wrote a post about the popular bullet journal (BuJo) personal productivity system. In this article, I pontificated on a potential variation I called BuJoPro that I thought might better accomodate the demands of high

Alexander Hamilton’s Deep Advice

Deep Advice from a Founding Father In the year 1800, Alexander Hamilton sent his son Philip the following letter, which laid out a set of rules that Philip should follow to make the most out of his legal training after

On Seriously Rethinking the Digital Economy

A Diamond in the Economic Rough Two weeks ago, the American Economic Association held its annual meeting in Philadelphia. Spread over three days and two different hotels, this conference included over 500 sessions. Buried in the program, during the morning

On the Rise of Digital Addiction Activism

The First Stirrings of a New Activism The investment funds run by Jana Partners and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System hold a combined $ 2 billion in Apple stock. This ensured the business community took notice when earlier this

Tycho Brahe’s Cognitive Kingdom

Deep (Work) History Recently, I’ve been reading through the first volume of Simon and Schusters’ magisterial 1954 four-volume essay collection, The World of Mathematics (edited by James Newman). In a chapter on Napier’s discovery of logarithms, written by Herbert Turnbull, I