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3 Insanely Comfy Pieces You Can Wear Again (and Again and Again)

Harem pants are totally acceptable as daywear, fight me. Back when I made calculated decisions regarding my wardrobe — decisions that, contrary to today’s resolve, did not rest on “how comfy can I feel right now?” — and before I stopped logging my latest

Class to Night Out: Pom Pom Baseball Cap

This is one hat you will want to add to your collection. Products L-R: Forever 21, Forever 21, & Macy’s. Pom pom baseball caps are one of my personal favorite recent fashion trends. Whether there’s two pom poms or one

If You Like These Current Musicians, Listen to These Old School Artists

It’s a blast to the past. Your playlists are boring you, you can’t find any artist you haven’t heard before, and all you seem to listen to is the same five songs on repeat. We’ve all been there.  If you

Regional Style Guide: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Take notes on fashion from Santa Fe to get a bohemian or artsy look with a southwestern twist! Two weekends ago, we discussed popular fashion in Dallas, Texas and gave you perspective on the bold and preppy looks young professionals

This UMass Amherst Student Knows Her Way Around a Jumpsuit

Casual and cool, the perfect combination. Caeli’s look effortlessly combines a navy blue jumpsuit and a cozy bohemian sweater. Thrift stores are her favorite places to shop and her love of thrifting helps her create a style that is completely her

A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Doing St. Patrick’s Day in Style

Outfit inspiration to find your perfect St. Paddy’s Day look. March 17th is tomorrow, the long-awaited day when we dress up in green and gold while partaking in day- (or weekend)-long activities to celebrate the holiday known as St. Patrick’s

7 Unique & Unexpected Things to Do During Your Spring Break

AKA things to do instead of sitting home and scrolling through your Instagram feed. Spring break is here. It’s finally time to wind down and relax after a long second semester! If you don’t have plans for a fabulous vacation,

Best of New Beauty: 6 Must-Have Items to Try ASAP

Find out which products of 2018 are worth your hard-earned coin. Back in the old days, new makeup was released almost every season, and that was the extent of it. Now, with social media and the rise of beauty influencers

How We’re Styling Our 3 Favorite Spring Trends

Make room for these trends in your closet and get inspired by these outfits under $ 100. Bekir Dönmez It’s time for spring cleaning, but not the kind you’re thinking of. The start of a new season is the best

4 Mental Tricks to Help You Navigate Bad Self Image Days

Loving yourself is a rollercoaster ride. Here’s how to bounce back from the low points. I have to be honest here, when I decided to write about this topic I was in a better mood.  I was enjoying a fun