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If a paper is a piece of fiction, it should have various types of elements such as characters, plot, theme, setting and viewpoints. The character aspects should include the character thoughts and desires as well as their motivations and what kind of background they have. There are many aspects to writing. These vary according to the type of writing that is being done. A nonfiction article will be different than a fictional short story. They nonfiction will work usually falls into three types of categories: narrative, descriptive and expository story. It is also possible for a fictional work to have some of these attributes as well.

When writing an essay, is a good idea to determine the purpose of the essay. An essay can be used to inform the reader of something they may be interested in. It can be used to convey undiscovered facts and provide details about those facts. An essay can be used to persuade its audience to a certain viewpoint. It can make a logical argument that ends with a reasonable conclusion. It can also appeal to the emotions and feelings of the reader to establish a desired opinion of the writer.

A piece of writing can also help to teach a new concept. The text would include explanations and examples of how the idea works and can be applied. In addition, it can be used to entertain an audience with humor or drama. It may include jokes or a funny story that can amuse or provide tension and suspense.

A writing assignment includes information that can be separated into different categories or topics. Each of these topics as contained in a paragraph. When writing a paper, a paragraph is used to describe each topic separately and may include descriptions of subtopics. Paragraphs are also used to support an argument which contributes to the thesis or main points of a paper. The pros and cons can be listed with each pro and con having its own paragraph. In the case of a story or a long description, a paragraph can have a narrative format.

Writing a paper should include a structure that complies with the standards of English. The rules of grammar should be followed and when done, the paper should be proofread to check for not only grammar but also spelling, punctuation and other errors.

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