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Here’s What Your Favorite Staple Makeup Product Says About You

You can only pick one. There are many makeup products on the market these days, from silicone sponges, to rainbow highlighters, to glitter-filled liquid lipsticks. As trends in the makeup community come and go, makeup staples are more important than

How Do You Feel About Faux Fur Bags? (Plus Tons of Styling Tips)

We’ve seen faux fur vests, scarves, and coats. Newest fur fad: bags. You know those trends that you see everywhere but haven’t completely jumped on board with yet (sock boots, ahem)? Yeah, we understand.  If this is how you feel

How to Be an Independent Woman: 3 Tips I Learned from ’10 Things I Hate About You’

You don’t always have to be who they want you to be, you know? Take a Movie’s Advice is a weekly column attempting to discover the similarities between our favorite movies and real life. Grab some popcorn, sit back, and

4 Things They Don’t Tell You About Graduating from College

I finished college three weeks ago. And it’s weird. Maybe it’s because there aren’t many movies or TV shows about recent graduates, but I felt woefully unprepared for the reality of graduating college.  In the hopes of helping out those

3 Indie Makeup Brands College Girls Need to Know About

Shop small and score amazing products! If you don’t own anything by an indie makeup brand, you, my friend, are missing out. Indie makeup brands, unlike their corporate-owned counterparts, are great for finding niche, quality products that are often quite

10 Myths About Bartenders

The position of bartender is an iconic role in American folklore. Think of Moe from The Simpsons or Coach from Cheers. The bartender is someone who not only fills our glass, but lends a helpful ear when we’ve got problems