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Best of New Beauty: 6 Must-Have Items to Try ASAP

Find out which products of 2018 are worth your hard-earned coin. Back in the old days, new makeup was released almost every season, and that was the extent of it. Now, with social media and the rise of beauty influencers

My 5 Favorite Awards Season Beauty Trends & How to Copy Them on Campus

How to look like a movie star in the comfort of your own dorm. For any die-hard fashionistas out there, awards show season means red carpets, and red carpets mean fashion. This weekend at the SAG Awards, all manner of

Inexpensive Beauty Gift Ideas for Every Gal-Pal on Your List

Under-$ 30 beauty steals that will make all your besties jump for joy this holiday. Between family, other relatives, friends, and significant others, holiday gift spending might look daunting in terms of your time and budget. With so many people

In-Depth Beauty Brand Review: Lorac Cosmetics

Find out which products you need and which products to pass on. As we approach my favorite time of the year, I thought it would be an opportune time to shine a light on one of my all-time favorite makeup

10 Best Beauty Products Under $10 to Treat Yourself Post-Midterms

The absolute BEST makeup steals right now. Now that midterms are over, it’s the point in the year where we start to save up our money to buy thoughtful gifts that remind our loved ones how much we care. With all

4 Beauty Products You Didn’t Know You Needed (But Totally Do)

And you thought you had everything you needed for college. There are a number of staple products that every college girl needs for back to school. Mascaras, lipsticks, and eyeliners are just a few examples of universally popular products used

The 7 Beauty Products We Always Buy for Fall Semester

They’ll save you time, money, and effort. With September right around the corner, college students across America are flocking back to their campuses for the start of yet another fall semester. This usually also means being forced to wake up

In-Depth Beauty Brand Review: e.l.f. Cosmetics

Which e.l.f. products are worth your money? Which aren’t? Find out here: I’m reviewing the entire brand. View the original article to see embedded media. e.l.f Cosmetics is a makeup brand we all know from adolescence, and because of this,

In-Depth Beauty Brand Review: Urban Decay Cosmetics

Which UD products are worth your money and which aren’t? I’ve got the full lowdown here. Urban Decay is a brand that makeup users all over the world know and love.  Founded in 1996 with only two lines – lipsticks