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A Guide to Finding the Best Valentine’s Day Apparel

Whether it’s for date night with your beau, best friends or even Netflix, these shops have all the looks for you. It’s time to get your Valentine’s Day outfit on. Whether you’ve got plans with your significant other, or are

5 Ways to Make Mondays Your Best Days

Start your week on the right foot! Mondays have a bad reputation. In large part, it’s because they mean the end of the weekend and the unwelcome wake-up call that it’s back to business as usual. With the weekend being

Styling for Petites: 8 Celebrity-Inspired Tricks to Look Your Absolute Best

Raise your hand if you’re 5’4” and under! 🙋 Like 50% of American women, I am considered to be petite (5’4” and under).  Now, being pear-shaped and “5 foot nothing” is not a huge cross to bear, but it is one

6 Non-Cliché New Year’s Resolutions to Ensure You Have Your Best Year Ever

New year, new resolutions! Person A: “Hey, it’s the new year. Do you have any resolutions?” Person B: “Oh, I have the same resolutions I’ve had since 2009. To lose weight, be in a relationship, and have clear skin.” Leaving

Here’s Exactly How to Live Your Best Life in 2018

May your resolutions be attainable and your motivation high. Hello, new year — 2017 is now a thing of the past!  No matter how your year went, chances are that you can think of one or two things that you

These Are the Best Books for Each College Major, According to Students (Part 5)

Our fifth and final installment of the series! We’ve come to the fifth and final installment of the best books for you, based on your college major!  Now, of course, there is no way to fully address every single subject

CF’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Best Friend

Holiday gifts for your best friend, BFF, or bestie! Time is starting to dwindle down for the holiday season. We finally reached December, and some of you may have even experienced your first snow of the season. Yet hot chocolate,

Best in Snow: Stylish Winter Boots for Snow, Slush, & Ice

These winter boots will help you survive serious weather. For girls who reside in snowy states, winter provides some unique fashion challenges. One of the biggest dilemmas we face has got to be finding fashionable winter boots that keep us

These Are the Best Books for Each College Major, According to Students (Part 4)

Pick up these titles to celebrate the end of the semester! We are closer than ever before to the end of the semester and the holiday season which means many of us will finally have time to pick up those

These Are the Best Books for Each College Major, According to Students (Part 2)

Get ready for more picks to binge-read over fall break! After reading your feedback from the first installment of this series, we’re back with even more book suggestions for you to read during your next break. Because of the amount