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Beyond Digital Ethics

Extremist Suggestions Earlier this week, Zeynep Tufekci appeared on Ezra Klein’s podcast. If you don’t know Tufekci, you should: she’s one of my favorite academic thinkers on the intersection of technology and society. During the interview, Tufecki discussed her investigation

Beyond BumbleBFF: How to Make Friends IRL

Let’s ditch the term “socially awkward” and put ourselves out there! It’s that time of year. School starts soon, and we’re all either looking forward to the change or terribly dreading it. I know that while I always looked forward

Beyond Black Box Management

An Exciting Way to Make a Living Alex Honnold is an adventure climber. He specializes in free solo ascents, which means he climbs tall things with no ropes. If he falls, he dies. He’s perhaps most famous for being the first

Beyond #DeleteFacebook: More Thoughts on Embracing the Social Internet Over Social Media

A Social Transition Last week, I wrote a blog post emphasizing the distinction between the social internet and social media. The former describes the internet’s ability to enable connection, learning, and expression. The latter describes the attempt of a small

9 Tips for Building a Wardrobe in College and Beyond, According to my Mom

Mom knows best — especially when it comes to fashion! As you may know, I am the writer for the “Ask CF” column here at College Fashion. However, I’d be lying if I said that I always have the answers