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How to Avoid Sweating Through Your Clothes This Summer

It’s not all rainbows and rompers out here. Picture this: You’ve just bought the cutest tank top and decide to wear it to brunch with your besties. As you sit under the not-so-shady umbrella, you feel something wet under your

We Don’t Just Wear Clothes, We Wear Memories

Clothes can be more than a way to portray our sense of style, they can take on the history of our past experiences. Memory is a fickle thing. Example: I’ve never been able to remember lyrics to a song. Not

Exactly How to Remove Stains from Your Clothes, According to Science

The chemistry you need to save your favorite clothes. Science is about more than just memorizing equations and using formula sheets. It’s a way of exploring and discovering things about the world around us. It can be learned by anyone,

Ask CF: How Do I Make Loose-Fitting Clothes Look Flattering?

Tips and tricks for adding shape to baggy clothes. Think chic, not shapeless. Welcome to the latest edition of Ask CF! Every two weeks, we select a reader fashion question and answer it here on the site. Do you have

How Clothes Should Fit, 101: Jeans, Blazers, and Button-Downs

Perfect fit is everything. View the original article to see embedded media. Have you ever tried on an outfit in a store that you thought would look perfect on you, only to look in the mirror and find that something