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Seven Lessons You Can Learn from Real College Students Who Failed Interviews

Failure is painful, but also educational! During my Junior year of college, I was drinking frozen margaritas with my classmates on the patio of the local taco shop when Catherine* blurted out a personal story about a terrible interview she

College Fashion’s Guide to Celebrating the End of Finals (+ What to Wear While You Celebrate!)

Sweet freedom at last! If you’ve already finished finals, CONGRATULATIONS! If you’re still in the midst of finals, at least you can spend your short study break dreaming of your impending freedom. Dead week and exams can really get you

The 6 Best College Graduation Gifts Under $50

In case you want a great gift for a grad without spending a fortune. Graduation will be here before you know it! We’ve already shared our favorite graduation outfits, graduation cap ideas, and even graduation shoes. So it’s safe to

An Open Letter to This Year’s College Graduates

If I could go back to a year ago, to the moment right after I walked out of my last final, this is what I would have wanted someone to tell me… Dear Soon-To-Be Graduate,  This is not an ending.

4 Quotes That Define My First Year of College

The things I’ve learned in one year, each compacted into one sentence. As the second semester ends, we are just a year closer to graduation, and one year further into the college experience. The end of the semester is a

HackCollege Interviews: A College Professor

Many people who’re enamored with their major come to discover that they’re not interested in any related careers. Or, they love working in the field but want to continue their study of the subject. Fortunately, for those in these predicaments,

Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going to College

Choosing whether you want to go to college or join the workforce can be one of the toughest and most important decisions you ever make. How could you possibly be expected to make such a monumental choice? If you find

College Fashion’s Guide to What to Wear and Pack for Your Next Hiking Trip

Planning your next outdoor adventure? Use this guide to get advice on what to wear and pack for your next hiking trip. Being prepared leads to a better experience! Some of us may be in the midst of Spring Break,

The Ultimate Guide to Grocery Shopping as a College Student

How to master the art of grocery shopping once and for all! When starting out in college, there are a lot of “adulting” things you have to figure out in the process. You will definitely make mistakes when it comes

A Winter Capsule Wardrobe for College

A perfectly curated capsule wardrobe for endless outfit options. A capsule wardrobe is an amazing way to get the most out of your closet. With a few quality items carefully chosen, you will be able to create so many different