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The Ultimate School Supplies Checklist: What You Really Need for College

Here’s what should be on your school supplies checklist. We interrupt your regularly scheduled summer programming with a thorough guide to the world of COLLEGE SCHOOL SUPPLIES SHOPPING! Do not fret, the days of golden sunsets and gingham picnic spreads

The College Fashion Guide to Student Activism

With our phones constantly blowing up with hashtags and news on social issues, it’s intriguing to want to be part of making a difference. We talk about how to stay focus and create an impact in your local community with

The CF Guide to the Best Bralettes for College Girls

The ultimate guide to bralettes for every college girl. Includes a how-to guide for selecting bralettes, recommended stores, and bralette outfits for inspiration. Photo Credit: Aerie Comfy and cute should be every college girl’s mantra. Between running to class, keeping

Wardrobe Essentials for College Girls

The ultimate guide to what every college girl should have in her wardrobe. Includes wardrobe basics for every college student’s closet. View the original article to see embedded media. Products: Top – Bershka, Shorts – American Eagle, Chambray Shirt – J.Crew

College Dorm Room Shopping Part 3: Storage [Updated 2018]

Need some creative dorm room storage solutions? Look no further than our stylish storage shopping guide! Photo Credit: Target For the third part in the College Dorm Room Shopping series, I am going to focus on storage. If you missed

The Ultimate List of Fashion Hacks Every College Girl Should Know

Check out CF’s go-to list on fashion hacks that will save you money and fix some of your most annoying clothing problems! As a constantly broke college student, you learn two things: how to be creative and how to google

College Dorm Room Shopping Part 2: Furnishings [Updated 2018]

Tips & tricks for buying furnishings for college, plus a shopping guide full of cute dorm room pieces. This is part two of College Fashion’s “College Dorm Room Shopping” series. For the first part of the series, I focused on

Skincare 101 with Formulyst: Why You Should Be Using a Face Serum, Even in College

If you aren’t using a serum yet, it’s time to familiarize yourself. If you’re like most college girls, you probably take for granted that your skin is going to look young forever. Why should college students bother thinking about anti-aging

College Dorm Room Shopping Part 1: Bedding [Updated 2018]

Part one of our ultimate guide to dorm room shopping: Tips on buying bedding for college plus cute dorm room bedding picks. Photo Credit: Dormify We’ve received quite a few requests lately from this year’s incoming freshmen wanting to know

Why My Junior Year of College Was My Best Year

I made new friends, had new opportunities, and found my passions. Junior year can be described as a happy year. You know the saying “these will be the best four years of your life”? Well, I like to be a