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Reminder: It’s Okay if You Don’t Have Your Life Together

Would it be nice? Sure. Is it possible? Get back to you on that one. Maybe it’s because I’m going through a minor quarter-life crisis, but lately I’ve been trying to get my life together. You can probably relate. Maybe

We Don’t Just Wear Clothes, We Wear Memories

Clothes can be more than a way to portray our sense of style, they can take on the history of our past experiences. Memory is a fickle thing. Example: I’ve never been able to remember lyrics to a song. Not

If You Don’t Have a Statement Coat Yet, This Article Will Convince You to Invest

If you don’t ‘have this item, you’re missing out. The statement coat is a staple of spring and fall attire. We usually see them styled with warmer tones in the fall and brighter pastels in the spring, but as soon

4 Things They Don’t Tell You About Graduating from College

I finished college three weeks ago. And it’s weird. Maybe it’s because there aren’t many movies or TV shows about recent graduates, but I felt woefully unprepared for the reality of graduating college.  In the hopes of helping out those

I Bought Ten $8 Nailpolishes So You Don’t Have To

Reviewing all of the Essie “nude” polishes I could grab at my local Target. Behold them in their Target glory Against my will, I have been recently been dragged into the adult world. Not only the adult world, the professional adult

Fashion Inspired by Music Videos: “Don’t Kill My Vibe,” by Sigrid

Casual, cool style right this way! Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid broke onto the music scene with her catchy debut single “Don’t Kill My Vibe” back in February. And, although she hasn’t yet released a full-length album (so far, she has released