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3 Casual & Easy Outfits for Your Favorite Summer Activities

Beat the heat with these outfits! The hot weather is here and that means we can finally do all those fun summer activities we’ve been waiting for. Of course, while we’re having our fun in the sun, we have to

3 Easy Tips for Making Friends Anywhere

Foolproof tips for making connections when you don’t know anyone. We all know at least one person who makes you feel better just by being around them. It looks like they can just form some kind of friendship anywhere. While

How to Give Your Style a Makeover in Four Easy Steps

It’s time to give your style the spring cleaning it needs! Spring is finally here, and with the (hopefully) warmer weather comes a change in wardrobe. However, as you stare into the deep, dark abyss that has become your closet (or

5 Easy Ways to Be a More Sustainable Fashionista Today

Do you love fashion but also want to do more for the environment? Here are 5 easy ways to help the Earth while staying stylish. Here at CF, we’re big fans of being smart about our purchases and thinking about

Upgrade Your Boyfriend’s Style in 4 Easy Steps

Does your S.O. or BFF desperately need fashion advice? Show him this for best results. Eliud Gil Samaniego Hello, there. Sorry to be the one to break the bad news to you, but if you’ve been sent this article, somebody’s

How to Choose an Easy Major

Go-to majors for when you don’t want to do any actual work. Sometimes, midway through a semester, you realize that school is too hard and you’re sick of doing homework every night. Hey, the grind isn’t for everyone. Which means

Thrifting Done Right: How to Be a Pro Thrift Store Shopper in 5 Easy Steps

What if I told you it was possible to double your closet for half the price? Mike Petrucci If you consider shopping to be your cardio, think of thrift store shopping as that killer gym workout that leaves you sweating

Ready, Set, Moisturize! — 7 Easy Steps for Picture-Perfect Skin This Year

Make it your New Year’s resolution to have bright and beautiful skin this year. Anthony Tran Having perfect skin is like hitting the beauty blogger jackpot. Either you’re genetically predisposed to poreless skin or you’ve been following various skin-preserving methods since

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas (Plus a Hair Idea) That Won’t Break the Bank

Makeup is the easiest solution to any Halloween costume problem. Unsplash When Halloween comes around, most people immediately go for a clothing-based costume. Sure, those look stunning, but why spend all that money when you can create just an equally