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Hautelinks: The New Harry Potter Game, Glossier Products Review, + More

Procrastinate along with us! Five pieces of career advice, from Lauren Conrad. Why Fashion is Obsessed with the Grateful Dead, via WSJ. Fashion is also apparently obsessed with clementines right now. Oh, fashion, never change. Vanity Fair’s Week in Fashion

Video Game Fashion: Professor Layton

“Every puzzle has an answer.” Photo Credits: Nintendo UK Professor Layton is one of the most puzzling game series on the market. Over the years, I’ve spent hours of my time on the puzzles from this headache-inducing game. And I’m

Video Game Fashion: Putt-Putt

This week we’re looking good like the little purple car that could. This week we’re going on yet another stroll down memory lane with the classic game series Putt-Putt. Released in 1992, Putt-Putt is one of Humongous Entertainment’s oldest game series

Video Game Fashion: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is our fashion inspo. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you probably know what The Walking Dead is. However, for all of you that aren’t as well versed in the video

How a Video Game Helped Me Discover My Love of Fashion

Entering the world of fashion, with an unusual twist. Some girls seem to enter the world with an inborn love of fashion. Others, like me, take a bit longer to discover their passion for style. I was never the girl