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The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Reclaim Valentine’s Day as YOUR holiday. Two days ago, an elegant bouquet of freshly-cut tulips was delivered outside my door. From 12 to 4 p.m. (AKA thesis procrastination time), the package took on a life of its own, intriguing my neighbors

A Guide to Finding the Best Valentine’s Day Apparel

Whether it’s for date night with your beau, best friends or even Netflix, these shops have all the looks for you. It’s time to get your Valentine’s Day outfit on. Whether you’ve got plans with your significant other, or are

The Ultimate Guide to Grocery Shopping as a College Student

How to master the art of grocery shopping once and for all! When starting out in college, there are a lot of “adulting” things you have to figure out in the process. You will definitely make mistakes when it comes

A Minimalist’s Guide to Skincare

Just the essentials, and nothing else. STIL Morning and nighttime routines can be a hassle if you have a million products in your skincare routine. You don’t want taking care of your skin to become a tedious chore.  Whether you’re

A Guide to Wearing Jeans to Work

Give business-casual denim the fashion treatment! View the original article to see embedded media. Denim often gets a bad rap for being too casual for work — even in business casual workplaces. However, fashion keeps evolving, and with it, so

A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Dressing Like Your Favorite Star Wars Character

Here’s how a 40 year old franchise can influence your closet today. View the original article to see embedded media. Those of you who know me know that I love Star Wars, a LOT.  For those of you who don’t

CF’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts

These are worthwhile gifts for those left on your holiday shopping list. Christmas is literally right around the corner. Holiday parties with friends and gatherings with family are pretty much what’s left of December, tbh.  If you didn’t have a chance

CF’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Best Friend

Holiday gifts for your best friend, BFF, or bestie! Time is starting to dwindle down for the holiday season. We finally reached December, and some of you may have even experienced your first snow of the season. Yet hot chocolate,

The Ultimate Guide to Dressing like Petra Collins

This photographer has captured fans with her dreamlike photos, but her style will leave you dreaming, too. Hello everyone! Can you believe that this is the last month of the semester? Finals are upon us, so I hope you are

The CF Guide to Writing a College Blog

Writing can be hard. This makes it easier. Blogs are essential for anyone who wants to share their daily thoughts or passions with the world. Much like keeping a journal, a blog provides a place for you to hone your