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3 Party Outfits Inspired By Fenty Beauty

Is there anything Rihanna can’t do?!? If her place on every best-dressed list or best-selling Fenty x Puma line don’t convince you that Rihanna is a fashion goddess, the Fenty Beauty makeup line will. Shade inclusive, reasonably-priced and wildly popular,

6 Monochrome Outfits Inspired by Marvel’s Infinity Stones

These outfits will defeat Thanos. I feel as though people either live for monochromatic outfits or hate them with a passion. Up until recently, I was in the latter camp. However, I kind of love them now. I think they’re chic

5 Outfits Inspired by Book Covers

Read it and wear it! How many times have you been strolling the aisles of a bookstore only to stop in your tracks because you see a beautifully designed cover? You turn it over, and the description on the back

5 Book Suggestions Inspired by Valentine’s Day

*cue TSwift circa 2009* There are few holidays quite as divisive as Valentine’s Day. But whether you find yourself coupled up or flying solo this year, I firmly believe that it is a holiday to be enjoyed by all. I’m

3 Cool Girl Athleisure Outfits Inspired by Fenty x Puma Spring 2018

Add a sporty edge to your wardrobe with these looks inspired by Rihanna’s latest Fenty x Puma collection. Rihanna has owned the past few years and she doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. From her chart-topping music, to her

3 Festive Outfits Inspired by K-Pop

Just in time for the holidays. Starship Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment company that is home to many K-pop artists (including Jeong Se Woon, whom we covered previously,) has recently released a song called “Christmas Day,” a special holiday collaboration that

4 Outfits Inspired by 2017’s Youtube Rewind

Style inspired by the “shape of 2017”. I’m always a huge fan of Youtube Rewind, an annual video tribute to the past year featuring well-known youtube vloggers. Every year I have so much fun watching and spotting the references that allude

3 Warm & Cozy Winter Outfits Inspired by K-Pop

John Park’s “Smile” music video gets us ready for the holidays. This week, I listened to a jazzy ballad track called “Smile,” sung by John Park, a K-pop solo artist. The song has such optimistic and comforting lyrics; it reminds the listener

4 Study Break Ideas Inspired by ‘Home Alone 2’

Spoil yourself today. It’s that time of the semester again when lines at our campus Starbucks double, stress levels are at an all-time high, and a chorus of frustrated sighs can be heard in the library. Some of us, can

3 Candy-Colored Outfits Inspired by Pink’s “Beautiful Trauma” Music Video

This ’50s-fab video has great inspiration for 2017. Pink has had a great few weeks: Following her incredible AMA performance of her latest hit “Beautiful Trauma,” the singer released the music video for the song last week.  The colorful music video is