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How To Make Your Next #Shelfie Pic Instagram Gold

On decorating & sorting your shelves to make your books pop. View the original article to see embedded media. I’ll be the first to confess: I’ve bought books I’ll never read just for their pretty colors. The stories inside might

The Rise of the Instagram Boutique, from a College Girl’s Perspective

These hit-or-miss websites are gaining a significant following online, and today I’m explaining why. It’s 10:39 pm, and I’m in bed, trying to focus on getting something productive done on a Saturday night in by myself. Instead, I find myself

Instagram Style Steal: @LittleBlackBoots

This Instagram style star shows us how to repeat pieces like a pro. These days, most bloggers and Instagram influencers wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the same outfit twice. Most don’t even wear the same pieces very often. And, let’s

Instagram Style Steal: @HappilyGrey

Five of Mary Seng’s best looks, recreated on a much smaller budget. Instagram serves a lot of purposes. For some, it’s a way to show off the fun things they’re doing with their lives, for others it’s a place to