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What It’s Like to Live as a Minimalist and Why You Should Consider It

Learn about what it’s like living as a minimalist and why I choose this lifestyle! During the Summer of my Junior year in College, I took on the project of helping my dad sell his house for profit. After my

3 Winter Party Outfits for When It’s Cold AF (Plus Go-To Styling Tips)

Your strategy for looking good AND staying warm. Going out when it’s cold can be such a chore. Even worse? Trying to find something party-ready that doesn’t require twenty layers of clothing.  Earlier this week, we shared some college party outfits

What to Wear When It’s Really Cold: 4 Outfits for Below-Freezing Temperatures

These cute outfits are also super functional. It’s always hard to stay fashionable in extreme weather, especially when most of the country has been experiencing colder-than-average temperatures because of the so-called “polar vortex.” Whether you’re used to subzero temps or

5 Things to Do Now That It’s ~Officially~ the Holiday Season

CF gives you the ultimate Christmas countdown. @heftiba ‘Tis the season to take off those turkey pants and put on that Grinch onesie you’ve been storing in the back of your closet. Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time for

How to Wear Combat Boots, Without Looking Edgy (It’s Possible!)

Preppy, classic, and glam girls can all wear this fall trend. View the original article to see embedded media. Combat boots have long been considered a part of fringe subcultures; however, over the past number of years, they have begun making

Style and Art Direction: It’s Complicated

Getting inspired by the gorgeous settings of this fun romantic comedy. Today, I’m continuing our new series combining Style and Art Direction with outfits inspired by the art direction of the 2009 romantic comedy, It’s Complicated, starring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and