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Sustainable Fashion Lessons We Can Learn from the Coral Reef

Sustainable fashion inspired by the natural world. Science is about more than just memorizing equations and using formula sheets. It’s a way of exploring and discovering things about the world around us. It can be learned by anyone, anywhere –

Seven Lessons You Can Learn from Real College Students Who Failed Interviews

Failure is painful, but also educational! During my Junior year of college, I was drinking frozen margaritas with my classmates on the patio of the local taco shop when Catherine* blurted out a personal story about a terrible interview she

3 Sibling Rivalry Solutions You Can Learn from ‘Hocus Pocus’

Our favorite witchy sisters can teach us a thing or two. My first major experience with sibling rivalry was when I started helping in the theater department after school. My older sister was the stage manager there, and after some convincing