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Sustainable Fashion Lessons We Can Learn from the Coral Reef

Sustainable fashion inspired by the natural world. Science is about more than just memorizing equations and using formula sheets. It’s a way of exploring and discovering things about the world around us. It can be learned by anyone, anywhere –

A Tribute to Kate Spade: 12 Lessons We Learned from the Fashion Icon

Kate taught me so much about fashion and life. Here’s some of her wisdom, through her own quotes. Yesterday, the fashion world mourned the loss of Kate Spade, an iconic designer, businesswoman, and human being. I felt this loss deeply and

Seven Lessons You Can Learn from Real College Students Who Failed Interviews

Failure is painful, but also educational! During my Junior year of college, I was drinking frozen margaritas with my classmates on the patio of the local taco shop when Catherine* blurted out a personal story about a terrible interview she

Three Self-Care Lessons My Chronic Illness has Taught Me

The upside to a chronic illness is I know how to take care of myself. Hi, my name is Arica, and I suffer from a chronic illness that affects my daily life. As someone with endometriosis and PMDD, as well

4 Important Style Lessons We Learned from Iris Apfel in the Movie ‘Iris’

Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. College gave me untold freedoms, but one in particular was a game changer. Along with being able to stay up as late as I wanted, choose my own classes, and eat unconventional

4 Lessons for Living on Your Own, as Taught by ‘Home Alone’

Enjoy your own company. This past semester, I bid adieu to typical dorm-style living and said hello to a new apartment complex near my campus. Upon receiving the keys, I was filled with a mix of thoughts and emotions. I

4 Key Lessons on Making Your Ideas Reality, As Taught by ‘Dior and I’

Be brave in the pursuit of your ideas. Like all great creatives of the world, I keep an “idea” notebook. Well, it’s more of an “everything” notebook that’s filled with quotes, punny taglines, paint swatches, and more. Most of the time,

3 Campus Activism Lessons We Learned from ‘Freedom Writers’

You can make a difference. Throughout history, universities and their surrounding communities have witnessed the rise of student activism – the effort by students to enact political, environmental, or social change. When thinking of this issue, the Counterculture era (1960s-1970s)