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Working in Fashion: What It’s Like to Be a Financial Analyst at a Luxury Handbag Company

The first part of the Working in Fashion Series. Find out what it’s like to deal with the financial side of a world-renowned luxury handbag company! **Author’s note: Due to the sensitive nature of working in finance, the handbag company

How to Dress Like Your Favorite La Croix Flavor

We know your favorite is Pamplemousse. It’s ok. View the original article to see embedded media. La Croix has been a thing for a moment now (read: a couple of years) but this summer it seems like I can’t sneeze without

What It’s Like to Live as a Minimalist and Why You Should Consider It

Learn about what it’s like living as a minimalist and why I choose this lifestyle! During the Summer of my Junior year in College, I took on the project of helping my dad sell his house for profit. After my

If You Like These Current Musicians, Listen to These Old School Artists

It’s a blast to the past. Your playlists are boring you, you can’t find any artist you haven’t heard before, and all you seem to listen to is the same five songs on repeat. We’ve all been there.  If you

How to Wear Orange Without Looking Like a Fashion Victim

Let this tangy color breathe new life into your college wardrobe. Brooke Cagle   In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue (and wiped out an estimated 90% of the native population). In 1692, the Salem Witch trials began, resulting in

A Fashion Girl’s Guide to Dressing Like Your Favorite Star Wars Character

Here’s how a 40 year old franchise can influence your closet today. View the original article to see embedded media. Those of you who know me know that I love Star Wars, a LOT.  For those of you who don’t

How to Wear 3 of 2018’s Favorite Trends, Like, Right Now

Get ahead of the curve. Lavender Coat, Fringe Bag, Fringe Pumps, Plaid Top Goodness gracious, it’s almost 2018! How the heck did this happen?!  I feel like just last week I was starting my second semester of freshman year, happy and excited

The Ultimate Guide to Dressing like Petra Collins

This photographer has captured fans with her dreamlike photos, but her style will leave you dreaming, too. Hello everyone! Can you believe that this is the last month of the semester? Finals are upon us, so I hope you are

The Ultimate Guide to Dressing Like Janelle Monae

This stylish actress empowers women while serving bold looks – it is TIME we get her look, guys. Ah, Janelle. What a lady. She has style, she has flair, she was there (bonus points to whoever got that reference!). As

How to Make Yourself an Adventure Book Like “Up” and Start Completing Your Own Adventures

Adventure is out there! Everyone’s seen “Up“, and everyone who’s seen up will tell you the adventure book is one of the key symbols of the movie. Although I can’t tell you how to attach enough balloons to your house