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The Ultimate List of Fashion Hacks Every College Girl Should Know

Check out CF’s go-to list on fashion hacks that will save you money and fix some of your most annoying clothing problems! As a constantly broke college student, you learn two things: how to be creative and how to google

Here’s What’s On My Personal Summer Reading List

AKA what I’m actually going to be reading this summer. With Memorial Day just behind us, many of you are likely starting your summer internships this week. If so, congrats! I know that this week marks the beginning of what

New Year’s Reading List: 12 Books to Get You Through 2018

A book for every month of 2018! Every December, when I make my new years resolutions, I always vow to read a book a month in the new year.  This always starts out great since by the end of the year,

Inexpensive Beauty Gift Ideas for Every Gal-Pal on Your List

Under-$ 30 beauty steals that will make all your besties jump for joy this holiday. Between family, other relatives, friends, and significant others, holiday gift spending might look daunting in terms of your time and budget. With so many people