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20 Fashion YouTubers You Should Be Obsessing Over

If you love fashion, these are the channels you need to subscribe to. A good dose of fashion inspiration can help you dress your best for class, outings, and just about any occasion. There are so many platforms out there

Top 3 Winter Coat Trends We’re Obsessing Over Right Now

Make the most out of the cool temps by making a statement with your coat. As the winter season continues on, we waffle between wishing for snow days and pining for spring. No matter your opinion on these low temps,

25 Personal Style Bloggers You Should Be Obsessing Over

The year is 2017 and fashion bloggers rule the runway. Photo by Flaunter Some days, you just wake up from a deep, fulfilling slumber and spring into the closet, perfectly aware of what you’re going to wear that day. Others, you

The Under $5 Makeup Products We’re Obsessing Over Right Now

Have you tried these? Image Source In college, it’s imperative to be savvy about how you spend your money. Sometimes that means sacrificing things, like skipping takeout in favor of Ramen noodles and whatever’s lurking in your refrigerator.  In fact,