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Hautelinks: Beyonce x Vogue, Things to Do on a Bad Day, Being Productive at Home, & More

Here’s everything we read and loved this week. Burberry has been rebranded for the first time in 20 years. Do you like their new look? These tips will help you be productive when you’re working or studying at home. Refinery29

Ready Player Productive: On Virtual Reality and Cognitively Demanding Work

Location-Boosted Cognition A few days ago, I wrote about the converted barn where Simon Winchester writes. By working in a quiet and scenic location, surrounded by books and nature, Winchester is leveraging a key principle of attention capital theory that

The Simple Trick That Made My Weekends 10x More Productive

It’s easy and it works. Ah, the weekend! That time to relax, recharge and rewind…except for when your schedule is completely messed up, like every other college girl’s around this time of year.  As I look over last weekend, I’m