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Hautelinks: The New Harry Potter Game, Glossier Products Review, + More

Procrastinate along with us! Five pieces of career advice, from Lauren Conrad. Why Fashion is Obsessed with the Grateful Dead, via WSJ. Fashion is also apparently obsessed with clementines right now. Oh, fashion, never change. Vanity Fair’s Week in Fashion

3 Products to Help You Make It Through Midterms with Clear Skin

Add these three products to your skincare routine to avoid acne stress breakouts. Spring Break is right around the corner, but before you can relax on the beach stress-free, you first have to tackle midterms. Between late night cram sessions and

4 Holy Grail Products You Need in Your Winter Makeup Drawer

Keep your makeup game strong through the end of the year with these makeup staples. Unsplash Winter makeup has a much different look compared to makeup during the other seasons of the year. This time of year, the place I

10 Best Beauty Products Under $10 to Treat Yourself Post-Midterms

The absolute BEST makeup steals right now. Now that midterms are over, it’s the point in the year where we start to save up our money to buy thoughtful gifts that remind our loved ones how much we care. With all

4 Beauty Products You Didn’t Know You Needed (But Totally Do)

And you thought you had everything you needed for college. There are a number of staple products that every college girl needs for back to school. Mascaras, lipsticks, and eyeliners are just a few examples of universally popular products used

The 7 Beauty Products We Always Buy for Fall Semester

They’ll save you time, money, and effort. With September right around the corner, college students across America are flocking back to their campuses for the start of yet another fall semester. This usually also means being forced to wake up

The Under $5 Makeup Products We’re Obsessing Over Right Now

Have you tried these? Image Source In college, it’s imperative to be savvy about how you spend your money. Sometimes that means sacrificing things, like skipping takeout in favor of Ramen noodles and whatever’s lurking in your refrigerator.  In fact,

7 Drugstore Hair Products That Are Worth Every Penny

Bonus: They’re each less than $ 10! Photo Credit: Unsplash Haircare can be an expensive business. You’ve got to buy shampoos, conditioners, styling products, heat protectants, etc. Then there are specialty products (which are normally quite expensive) catered towards for