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5 On-Trend Ways to Wear Your Favorite White T-Shirt Right Now

They’re not just for joggers and leggings. A basic white t-shirt is a staple in my closet, as it is in everyone else’s closet. However, sometimes finding the right way to style a white tee shirt can be overwhelming. There

Feeling Bored? Here’s What I’m Reading, Watching, and Listening to Right Now

My top recommendations for when you need a breather. With Spring Break finally here — meaning tons of free time — you might want some new recommendations for things to read, watch, and listen to. I’m here to help! From

How to Find the Subscription Box That’s Right For You

Treat yo’ self to a subscription box this Valentine’s Day! It’s Valentine’s Day so that means it’s time to treat yo’ self! One of my favorite ways to give myself regular treats is by signing up for a subscription box

4 Nighttime Routine Ideas to End Your Days Right

For restful nights and better sleep. Winding down and getting ready for sleep is the most relaxing part of the day. We don’t dread going to sleep like we do when we wake up for class, cause once we start

Thrifting Done Right: How to Be a Pro Thrift Store Shopper in 5 Easy Steps

What if I told you it was possible to double your closet for half the price? Mike Petrucci If you consider shopping to be your cardio, think of thrift store shopping as that killer gym workout that leaves you sweating

Top 3 Winter Coat Trends We’re Obsessing Over Right Now

Make the most out of the cool temps by making a statement with your coat. As the winter season continues on, we waffle between wishing for snow days and pining for spring. No matter your opinion on these low temps,

How to Wear 3 of 2018’s Favorite Trends, Like, Right Now

Get ahead of the curve. Lavender Coat, Fringe Bag, Fringe Pumps, Plaid Top Goodness gracious, it’s almost 2018! How the heck did this happen?!  I feel like just last week I was starting my second semester of freshman year, happy and excited

Fashion Inspired by Opening Credits: Man Seeking Woman, Adventures of Tintin, Do the Right Thing

Style your sneakers with inspiration from these opening scenes. Continuing with my series on outfits inspired by opening credits, I will be covering some disparate works today. On the movie front, we have The Adventures of Tintin and Do the Right Thing.

4 Fresh Ways to Wear a Denim Skirt Right Now

You can totally pull it off! Back in the mid-2000s, denim skirts — especially those of the mini variety — were all the rage.  Back in those days, everyone, from celebrities to yours truly, was wearing them with leggings, plus some

The Under $5 Makeup Products We’re Obsessing Over Right Now

Have you tried these? Image Source In college, it’s imperative to be savvy about how you spend your money. Sometimes that means sacrificing things, like skipping takeout in favor of Ramen noodles and whatever’s lurking in your refrigerator.  In fact,