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Fashion Inspired by Opening Credits: Man Seeking Woman, Adventures of Tintin, Do the Right Thing

Style your sneakers with inspiration from these opening scenes. Continuing with my series on outfits inspired by opening credits, I will be covering some disparate works today. On the movie front, we have The Adventures of Tintin and Do the Right Thing.

4 Fresh Ways to Wear a Denim Skirt Right Now

You can totally pull it off! Back in the mid-2000s, denim skirts — especially those of the mini variety — were all the rage.  Back in those days, everyone, from celebrities to yours truly, was wearing them with leggings, plus some

The Under $5 Makeup Products We’re Obsessing Over Right Now

Have you tried these? Image Source In college, it’s imperative to be savvy about how you spend your money. Sometimes that means sacrificing things, like skipping takeout in favor of Ramen noodles and whatever’s lurking in your refrigerator.  In fact,

These 3 Brit Designers Should Definitely Be in Your Wardrobe Right Now

Well, what are you waiting for? Photo by Abigail Silvester Let’s face it: We Americans all want to be a little bit more like the Brits. Now, since we can’t all marry Harry—and most of us can’t fake a decent