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Summer Skincare 101: What You Need to Know & My Summer Skincare Routine

Here’s exactly how to adapt your skincare routine to the summer season. I go to school in New York (upstate NY, to be specific). That means a few things: I don’t really smile at people I pass on the street,

The Perfect Summer Makeup Routine for Oily Skin

Keep your makeup from budging all summer long. Whoever said, “women don’t sweat, they glisten,” has obviously never worn a face full of makeup in the summer heat. As much as we all love summer, we don’t love when our

4 Nighttime Routine Ideas to End Your Days Right

For restful nights and better sleep. Winding down and getting ready for sleep is the most relaxing part of the day. We don’t dread going to sleep like we do when we wake up for class, cause once we start

6 CF-Approved Makeup Hacks to Upgrade Your Routine

We’ve tested them all, and these ones actually work. We all want life to be easier, right? I mean, we’ve hit a point both in time and technological advances that enables our cell phones to act as our very own

How to Relax: 6 Routine Changes for a More Chill Life

Not telling you you need to chill, but… Let me be real with you for a moment, because this is not a trait I am particularly proud of: if someone were to look at me right now and say, “you

The Ultimate Curly Hair Care Routine: How to Keep Your Curls Healthy and Strong

Here’s exactly how to wash, protect, and keep your curls looking as beautiful as ever. Curly hair has a mind of its own. Take it from me – I’ve been a curly girl since I was born and my bedhead