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How to Make Your High School Wardrobe Trendy Again (Yes, Really!)

Save those Abercrombie tees, they’ll come in handy. A lot of us cringe when we think about our high-school style. There’s definitely more of a herd mentality in high school than in college, so when we look back on our

If You Like These Current Musicians, Listen to These Old School Artists

It’s a blast to the past. Your playlists are boring you, you can’t find any artist you haven’t heard before, and all you seem to listen to is the same five songs on repeat. We’ve all been there.  If you

3 Must-Know Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your School Library

It’s so much more than just a study space! If you’re a student, you’ve probably set foot in your school’s library at some point. When was the last time you actually checked out a book, though? Or did anything else there

Looks on Campus: Kamron – Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day High School

Casual campus style at its finest. After class at his high school, Kamron hit the NYU campus to put in some work as an LGBT activist. Kamron is a full-time hippie at heart. He is all about comfort and like most

Looks on Campus: Kaylee – School of Visual Arts New York

NYC visual arts student Kaylee rocks trends like overall shorts, pins, and Doc Martens. Kaylee’s style is bold and adorable. Her overalls are comfortable, yet functional, and her bright red hair tops off her funky look. In addition, she wears

The 5 School Supplies You Need to Make Your Notes Instagram-Worthy

#StudySpo essentials for those who are PASSIONATE about the writing experience. I’ve always found that when my notes look nice, I feel better about studying. Having pretty class notes makes me feel like I have my life together and I

How to get into law school by acing the GRE and avoiding the LSAT

Except not really… I’ve been teaching the LSAT for over 10 years now. This exam’s how I make my living, but I’m also completely obsessed with it. I have a (dare-I-say) IRRATIONAL love for this test. The GRE’s a much easier