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Didn’t Land a Summer Internship? Here’s What to Do Next

It’s time to make a plan B. The perfect internship is revered as the epitome of college success. All your friends seem to have their dream internships, and when people ask what internship you’re doing this summer, you can only

Here’s Exactly What Blair Waldorf Would Wear This Summer

She’s still a fashion icon and you can’t tell me otherwise. Here’s what Blair was rocking 10 years ago. It’s time for an update! Hey Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here. I’m dedicating this post to the queen of fashion;

Hautelinks: Net Neutrality Wins, Fenty Beauty Summer 2018, The Truth About Sheet Masks, & More

Plus the rest of our favorite links this week. In internet news, there was a HUGE win this week for net neutrality, an issue we’re passionate about here at CF. The House still needs to do its job next, but

Summer Travel Tips: How to Save Money and Have Fun During Summer Vacation

10 tips to keep you from breaking the bank this summer. Kendra Kamp Managing your money is tough when you’re a college student, and it can be even harder when you’re a college student on vacation. So with summer break

10 Cleansing Face Masks to Try This Summer

Treat yourself with these face mask picks. The semester is finally over! It’s now time to sit back, relax, and pamper yourself. These 5 face masks will not only have you feeling relaxed but will also help you look your

3 Instagram-Ready Summer Outfits

Do it for the ‘gram Now that it’s summer you’ll have much more time for the important things: Netflix, sleeping in, and… Instgramming your perfect outfit, of course!  Ok, so maybe that wasn’t on the top of your list of

How to Style a Blazer for Summer ’18

Blazers are so on trend right now and they are no longer reserved for business meetings. Check out 5 outfits perfect for summer featuring blazers. Blazers are among our favorite pieces of all time, but we haven’t been wearing them

Outfits Under $100: The Summer 2018 Looks We’ll Be Wearing on Repeat

The three outfits you’ll need this summer. Jason Blackeye With summer jobs, classes, and internships taking up our summer hours, it can be hard to enjoy summer vacation like we did in high school. For some of us, this summer

3 Grown-Up Swaps for Your Summer Fashion Faves

Your summer wardrobe deserves a grown woman upgrade. I know talking about the weather is boring, but where I am, it seems like we’ve gone straight from wintery snowstorms and slushy roads to blisteringly hot summer days. And let me

5 Perfect Summer Outfits for Denim Lovers

When in doubt, bring on out the denim. Every season has its unique fashion trends and ways to make a statement, but sometimes you just want to rock classic styles that won’t go out of fashion. One such example is