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Take Your Time: Why You Shouldn’t Rush Your Journey

Plus three things to keep in mind while you’re slowing down. Maybe it’s because my pile of self-help books has been growing, or maybe it’s because I’ve watched one too many shows about 20-somethings with amazing apartments (looking at you

5 Books For the Girlboss Who is Ready to Take It to the Next Level

These books are the game-changers you need. Sometimes you run across a book that’s a game changer. Sometimes, that happens five times over. The following five books are must-reads, if you ask me. They’ve all helped me out when I’ve felt

Take a Movie’s Advice: The Princess Diaries 2, Royal Engagement

Mia can show you how to rule. Take a Movie’s Advice is a weekly column attempting to discover the similarities between our favorite movies and real life. Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show. It took a while

Take a Movie’s Advice: Legally Blonde

Your mantra for the semester: “What, like it’s hard?” Time is ticking – I’ve got a laptop running on low battery, three tasks that should have been done yesterday, and a new coffee maker that I have yet to figure