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Are You Making These Common Mistakes When Shopping the Sale Section?

There’s an art to shopping. Are you doing it right? Sale sections are a fashion girl’s paradise, but can be full of potential pitfalls. With the internet making shopping even easier, every store’s sale section is bursting with pieces that

These Are the Best Eyebrow Products, Ever

Brows are a make-or-break part of your face. Here are my favorite eyebrow products. As a kid, my sparse, thin eyebrows never really bothered me, but when defined, fluffy eyebrows became the look of the decade in my teens, something

These 4 Books Will Upgrade Your Summer Fitness Routine

Hit the books before hitting the gym. Now that it’s summertime, you might be in a weird place in your fitness journey. Lying by the pool all day certainly sounds more appealing than waking up early for a morning run,

Follow These 5 Steps for a Stress-Free Packing & Moving Experience

Moving out is stressful enough, so let me make it easier! Follow these college moving tips to ensure a smooth day of moving and grooving. It is that time yet again where the sunshine and warmth claims you as its

These Creative Graduation Cap Ideas Will Simply Blow You Away

Who knew spring semester seniors could be so innovative? Mark Ramsay From the moment they receive that fateful acceptance letter to college, to the day they’re gearing up for senior pictures, every freshman dreams of their graduation day. One way

6 Chic Dupes for These Popular Spring Acessories

Do you love these popular spring trends but can’t afford to pay full-price? Here are the best dupes to get the look for less. Get ready to see these looks all over Instagram: There are six popular spring trends that

You Should Definitely Bookmark These Stores If You Hate Fitting Rooms

Amazon’s 1-click ordering may just be my undoing. Fabian Irsara While shopping at online retailers lacks the instant gratification of stepping out from a brick-and-mortar store with your purchase in hand, it is the more practical — and frequently the more popular — choice

The Fabulous Lives and Colors of These Three Monochromatic Women

For some people, monochromatic style is just a trend. For others, it’s a lifestyle. You probably have a favorite color and might have painted your room that color or even purchased a car in your favorite color… but would you

If You Like These Current Musicians, Listen to These Old School Artists

It’s a blast to the past. Your playlists are boring you, you can’t find any artist you haven’t heard before, and all you seem to listen to is the same five songs on repeat. We’ve all been there.  If you

Upgrade Your Desk at Work with These Four Things

Spring cleaning means spring redecorating! Now that it’s March, I’m dreaming of spring – chambray shirts, rosé, the smell of snowmelt, and spring cleaning. As a somewhat messy person, spring cleaning is deeply satisfying to me – a chance to