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Mixed Patterns 101: How to Wear Stripes & More Stripes… Together

At College Fashion, we believe patterns were made to be mixed. This week, I’m feeling a little nostalgic. Summer will be coming to a close soon and talk about school has already filled many of my conversations. On top of

Mixed Prints 101: 5 Ways to Wear Florals & Stripes Together

Do you hesitate when mixing patterns? Hesitate no more! This week we’ll show you how to rock florals & stripes all summer long. Dress – ASOS, Tote – DSW Welcome to the first article of my new series, Mixed Prints

Reminder: It’s Okay if You Don’t Have Your Life Together

Would it be nice? Sure. Is it possible? Get back to you on that one. Maybe it’s because I’m going through a minor quarter-life crisis, but lately I’ve been trying to get my life together. You can probably relate. Maybe

Here’s Exactly How to Pair Unexpected Colors Together in Your Wardrobe

Step up your style game with these colorful duos. As much as we love a chic, all-black outfit, there’s something SO fun about experimenting with color, too. Especially when you combine two hues that seem like they really shouldn’t work together