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Upgrade Your Desk at Work with These Four Things

Spring cleaning means spring redecorating! Now that it’s March, I’m dreaming of spring – chambray shirts, rosé, the smell of snowmelt, and spring cleaning. As a somewhat messy person, spring cleaning is deeply satisfying to me – a chance to

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Self-Care This Spring

The weather is changing — your self-care should too! Even though the weather hasn’t truly made up its mind (I’m writing this as I wait for the snow to melt after a freak storm yesterday), spring is on the way!

Upgrade Your Boyfriend’s Style in 4 Easy Steps

Does your S.O. or BFF desperately need fashion advice? Show him this for best results. Eliud Gil Samaniego Hello, there. Sorry to be the one to break the bad news to you, but if you’ve been sent this article, somebody’s

6 CF-Approved Makeup Hacks to Upgrade Your Routine

We’ve tested them all, and these ones actually work. We all want life to be easier, right? I mean, we’ve hit a point both in time and technological advances that enables our cell phones to act as our very own