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Spring Showers: What to Wear on a Warm Rainy Day

Don’t let the rain cramp your warm weather style. When I moved to Boston from Southern California five years ago, I was super excited to take on the East Coast elements: wind, snow, sleet, all that good stuff. My wardrobe

4 Pieces of Clothing to Buy Before Warm Weather Hits

Warmer days will be here soon – make sure you’re prepared! Spring is finally here, which means warmer weather is returning to our lives (along with high pollen counts — sigh, can’t win ’em all).  Despite my allergies going haywire, I’m

3 Warm & Cozy Winter Outfits Inspired by K-Pop

John Park’s “Smile” music video gets us ready for the holidays. This week, I listened to a jazzy ballad track called “Smile,” sung by John Park, a K-pop solo artist. The song has such optimistic and comforting lyrics; it reminds the listener