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5 Perfect Wedding Guest Outfits to Wear This Year

Wedding season is officially here. It’s officially wedding season, and those invitations can come in hot, leaving you with too many attend and stuck wondering what you’ll wear to each.  From time to time, there can be certain dress codes

Here’s Exactly What Blair Waldorf Would Wear This Summer

She’s still a fashion icon and you can’t tell me otherwise. Here’s what Blair was rocking 10 years ago. It’s time for an update! Hey Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here. I’m dedicating this post to the queen of fashion;

How to Wear Melodramatic Purple

What’s fashion without a little drama? First it was Millennial Pink. Then it was Gen-Z Yellow. Now it’s Melodramatic Purple’s turn in the spotlight.  This dramatically-named shade is a lilac purple popularized by Lorde (and named for her album, Melodrama).

College Fashion’s Guide to Celebrating the End of Finals (+ What to Wear While You Celebrate!)

Sweet freedom at last! If you’ve already finished finals, CONGRATULATIONS! If you’re still in the midst of finals, at least you can spend your short study break dreaming of your impending freedom. Dead week and exams can really get you

We Don’t Just Wear Clothes, We Wear Memories

Clothes can be more than a way to portray our sense of style, they can take on the history of our past experiences. Memory is a fickle thing. Example: I’ve never been able to remember lyrics to a song. Not

Outfits Under $100: How to Wear Culottes

The spring trend you’re going to want to copy. Culottes have been making a major comeback this spring season; they’ve been showing up all over our Instagram feeds in #OOTD pics.  Culottes can be a little intimidating if you’re just

Would You Wear… Ruffled Jeans?

The jury is still out on this one. Product Information: Urban Outfitters, Far Fetch, ASOS “Ruffled” and “jeans” are two words we were not expecting to put in the same sentence. Color us surprised, but ruffled jeans are officially breaking

5 On-Trend Ways to Wear Your Favorite White T-Shirt Right Now

They’re not just for joggers and leggings. A basic white t-shirt is a staple in my closet, as it is in everyone else’s closet. However, sometimes finding the right way to style a white tee shirt can be overwhelming. There

3 Insanely Comfy Pieces You Can Wear Again (and Again and Again)

Harem pants are totally acceptable as daywear, fight me. Back when I made calculated decisions regarding my wardrobe — decisions that, contrary to today’s resolve, did not rest on “how comfy can I feel right now?” — and before I stopped logging my latest

3 Fresh Ways to Wear Yellow This Spring

AKA how to style the official color of 2018. Spring is almost here and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to wear bright colors again! It seems that this winter has been especially long. For those