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Would You Wear… Platform Sneakers?

Your favorite sneaker styles: elevated. Products: Urban Outfitters, Free People, ASOS The good news: your favorite sneaker styles are in. The only change is that this fall, they’re going up and up in height. Platform sneakers are making waves across

Would You Wear… a Velvet Bomber Jacket?

Velvet bombers are bae. Product Information: Zara, Forever 21, J.Crew Best news of the day: velvet bomber jackets are a THING. They are all over your favorite shops in every color and style you could dream up. Embroidered, sporty, bold,

Would You Wear… a Puffy Sleeve Shirt?

The statement piece of the season. Product Information: ASOS, Express, Zara Silhouettes are fun to play with. This upcoming fall, sleeves are taking on new shapes. All styles of shirts are suddenly adorned with puffy sleeves. Short sleeves, sweaters, crop

Would You Wear… a Bell Sleeve Mini dress?

Boho babes only. Product Information: Boohoo, Urban Outfitters, ASOS Ever feel like you were born into the wrong generation? Sometimes we do. Fall’s latest fashion trend will definitely be giving you a dose of nostalgia for decades past: Bell sleeve mini

Would You Wear… Galaxy Print?

The best way to celebrate the solar eclipse, if you ask us. Product Information: Etsy, Hot Topic Okay, so we know this isn’t a new trend. However, in just a matter of hours, we are going to be treated to

Would You Wear… Tropical Print Shorts?

Gone beachin’. Product Information: ASOS, Nordstrom, Zara What screams summer more than tropical print? Palm leaves, beach florals, and hawaiian prints may make you think of Dad shirts, but think again. Tropical print shorts are one stylish way to update the

Would You Wear… a Mini Basket Bag?

Cheese cubes and fruit not included. Product Information: Free People, Intermix, Zara If you’re a regular reader of CF, you know we are big fans of woven materials. This summer, mini basket bags are all the rage and we can’t

Would You Wear… a Long-Sleeved Crop Top?

Go long… and short… at the same time. Product Information: ASOS, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters Like it or not, crop tops are in this summer. While you may be interested in showing some midriff, the long-sleeve crop top is the

Would You Wear… an All-White Jumpsuit?

Do not wear while eating spaghetti. Product Information: Express, Urban Outfitters, ASOS Take it from us: this white-hot summer trend is about to be everywhere. All-white jumpsuits are ultra-flattering and we are currently crushing on them hard.  There’s a style

Would You Wear… a Hawaiian Button-Up Shirt?

Beach day 101. Product Information: Boohoo, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters Today in Dad trends: Hawaiian shirts! But in all seriousness, Hawaiian button-up shirts are becoming a big deal. This formerly “ugly” trend is now more acceptable and stylish in the