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Why My Junior Year of College Was My Best Year

I made new friends, had new opportunities, and found my passions. Junior year can be described as a happy year. You know the saying “these will be the best four years of your life”? Well, I like to be a

5 Perfect Wedding Guest Outfits to Wear This Year

Wedding season is officially here. It’s officially wedding season, and those invitations can come in hot, leaving you with too many attend and stuck wondering what you’ll wear to each.  From time to time, there can be certain dress codes

4 Quotes That Define My First Year of College

The things I’ve learned in one year, each compacted into one sentence. As the second semester ends, we are just a year closer to graduation, and one year further into the college experience. The end of the semester is a

Here’s Exactly What I’m Wearing to Coachella This Year

A Coachella novice is here to guide your music festival fashion needs. In April I will be attending Coachella for the very first time in my life. As exciting as it sounds, it is also rather intimidating. So many people

Here’s Why You Need to Watch the Oscars This Year

Your guide to this year’s Academy Awards, for casual movie watchers and film buffs alike. We’re a week away from the biggest night in show business, and I couldn’t be more excited.  On March 4, the Academy of Motion Picture

6 Non-Cliché New Year’s Resolutions to Ensure You Have Your Best Year Ever

New year, new resolutions! Person A: “Hey, it’s the new year. Do you have any resolutions?” Person B: “Oh, I have the same resolutions I’ve had since 2009. To lose weight, be in a relationship, and have clear skin.” Leaving

Ready, Set, Moisturize! — 7 Easy Steps for Picture-Perfect Skin This Year

Make it your New Year’s resolution to have bright and beautiful skin this year. Anthony Tran Having perfect skin is like hitting the beauty blogger jackpot. Either you’re genetically predisposed to poreless skin or you’ve been following various skin-preserving methods since

3 Christmas Movie-Inspired Outfits to Bring the Holiday Spirit into the New Year

Let the holidays inspire your new year’s outfits! Christmas may be over, but we’re still in the holiday spirit around here! I always try to carry that feeling into January and beyond, and I like to use my outfits to

Mid-Year “Best Books” Roundup: The 3 Best Fiction Books I Read This Year

I’ve plowed through my TBR list and here are the results. (Plus: Outfit ideas inspired by my book recs!) We’ve officially made it halfway through the year! Weird, right? I feel like I just started working on my TBR list,