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An Open Letter to This Year’s College Graduates

If I could go back to a year ago, to the moment right after I walked out of my last final, this is what I would have wanted someone to tell me… Dear Soon-To-Be Graduate,  This is not an ending.

My Complicated Relationship with Fashion Through the Years

There have been lefts, rights, and u-turns during my style evolution. Me laughing at some of the outfits you’re about to see. If we looked at our 20 year history, fashion and I would totally have “it’s complicated” as our

6 Non-Cliché New Year’s Resolutions to Ensure You Have Your Best Year Ever

New year, new resolutions! Person A: “Hey, it’s the new year. Do you have any resolutions?” Person B: “Oh, I have the same resolutions I’ve had since 2009. To lose weight, be in a relationship, and have clear skin.” Leaving

3 Outfits to Wear While You Crush Those New Year’s Resolutions

The right outfit can give you even more motivation! It’s been a week since the new year has come and chances are, you already broke your new year’s resolution. (It happens!) Before you get back on top of those goals

New Year’s Reading List: 12 Books to Get You Through 2018

A book for every month of 2018! Every December, when I make my new years resolutions, I always vow to read a book a month in the new year.  This always starts out great since by the end of the year,