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Feds May Crack Down on Student Loan Fraud

This here is why we can’t have nice things. At least two of ‘y’all tried to reduce your monthly student loan payments by reporting a household size of 93. And the federal General Accounting Office is calling BS. That’s one

The Journals of Columbine Killers Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold

Columbine High School mass murderer Eric Harris began keeping a journal a year before he and Dylan Klebold slaughtered 13 and seriously and critically injured dozens and forever changed the response, and preventative measures taken against, school shooters: locked doors,

When Does an Accident Become a Crime?

Original Article: http://longform.org/posts/when-does-an-accident-become-a-crime

While driving through a dangerous curve in East Texas, James Fulton crossed into oncoming traffic and killed a young woman. The cops said the crash was an accident. But the Smith County DA saw it differently.

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